Kowsky Adult Forearm Crutch 222KL Ergo Grip Open Cuff


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Kowsky Adult Forearm Crutch 222KL Ergo Grip Open Cuff

Custom Turquoise/Pink

Semi-elliptical cuff which supports the ulna optimally no matter what type of clothing is worn
Ergo grip with perfect ergonomics, extremely comfortable to use
Adjustable length via clip
Crutch does not make a single sound when used, as the tubes are held firmly in place by a cap nut
Cuff to grip in Accordance with EN ISO 11334-1                                      9 in
Grip to ground in accordance with EN ISO 11334-1                                30 to 38 in
Diameter of middle tube                                                                                0.79 x 0.06 in
Diameter of lower tube                                                                                   0.67 x 0.06 in
Weight                                                                                                                approx. 1 lb 4 oz/piece
Maximum tested stability under load                                                          308 lbs 10 oz/piece
Materials and Processing
Plastic parts                  Polyamide
Tubes                             Aluminium
Suction cap                   Natural rubber with steel reinforcement
Grip                                Polyamide