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Where did Custom Crutches start and why? Imagine your family is attending a physiotherapy session during which discussions are made regarding the ordering of a set of crutches for your child to use. The therapist asks the child “what type of crutches would you like?” “All black he answers or maybe ones like Captain America” but all that can be offered to him is either standard NHS grey with or without yellow handles -not exactly very appealing to a 7-year-old child. We left this appointment with Brady feeling disheartened and unexcited about the arrival of his new crutches as parents we felt the pain along with him and made the decision to solve this problem ourselves but how? We sourced the internet but found so limited options all of which had expensive price tags -as we have found over the years any item relating to a disabled child or adult carries a hefty price tag.

Not to be discouraged David decided he would find a way to design the crutches Brady desired, to make him a pair of crutches that became an extension of him not just a mobility aid. A set of crutches he would be proud to use and not make him feel any more different from his peers than he already did. Little did we realise this was the very beginning of ‘Custom Crutches’!

For the last 6 years David has sourced crutches for Brady to use every day and designed them according to his wishes, we have had various sets based on different Marvel themes and even a set made to match his RGK wheelchair! These crutches are Brady’s daily mobility aid but they have also become an extension of him and talking point when he is out and about. People regularly stopping us to admire them and ask about the designs as they suit him so well.  At the beginning of 2017 we took the decision to offer our services to other children and so Custom Crutches was born.

Why choose Custom Crutches? It can be difficult for an outsider to understand the importance these custom crutches make to Brady how they not only support him but allow him to feel as he describes ‘normal’. He is not embarrassed to be seen using them and thoroughly enjoys showing them off to his peers. We believe no child wants to use plain grey crutches they want something that they like and enjoy, something that blends with them whether a Marvel theme, football theme or even just their favourite colour.

Custom Crutches does exactly this. We can take any idea from your child and work to design a set of crutches specifically for them. We will work with your family to produce a set of crutches for your child to use and enjoy daily. Please feel free to browse our website to see some of the designs we have previously produced and get in touch if you would like to order a set or talk to us about customising to suit your child.

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