Spinergy LX Wheels Red 24″


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Spinergy wheels are world renowned for quality and comfort. A smoother ride means less vibration and shock reaches the body, which can reduce muscle spasms and body fatigue. The patented use of fibre spokes has numerous benefits to the user. Fibre spokes act as a vibration and shock dampener , they are 25% more absorbent than steel. The spokes are also much lighter than steel spokes (1/2 the weight) helping reduced the overall chair weight. Fibre spokes are also much stronger than steel (3x as strong) which makes the wheel be able to withstand higher stresses. Combined with the custom rim and hub, makes Spinergy the highest performing and most reliable wheel design on the market.

These wheels do not come supplied with pushrims or tyres. Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for delivery. Price per wheel.

Brand Spinergy
Rim Colour Black
Hub Colour Black
Spoke Quantity 12
Hub Dimension 46.5mm (1.8″)
Weight 660g

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