CUSTOM Kowsky Black Adult Forearm Crutch 222 KL Vario-Line Closed Cuff Ergo Soft


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Custom Kowsky Black Adult Forearm Crutch 222 KL Vario-Line Closed Cuff Ergo Soft

All Black with Altered Carbon graphics finished in 6D carbon fibre and gloss red
3-part cuff, that swings out in case of downthrow or burden
Round shape of the cuff which ensures safe hold of the crutch at the forearm
Upper height adjustment in 3 steps
Ergo Soft Grip
Non-skid natural rubber suction cap that keeps its elasticity even in the cold
Cuff to grip in accordance with EN ISO 11334-1                              9 to 10 in
Grip to ground in accordance with EN ISO 11334-1                       31 to 39 in
Diameter of lower tube                                                                         0.67 x 0.06 in
Diameter of middle tube                                                                       0.79 x 0.06 in
Weight                                                                                                      approx. 1 lbs 5 oz/piece
Maximum tested stability under load                                                265 lbs 9 oz/piece
Materials and Processing
Plastic parts                                                                                              Polyamide
Tubes                                                                                                         Aluminium
Suction cap                                                                                               Natural rubber with steel reinforcement