Custom Kowsky Adult Forearm Crutch CL Ergonomic Soft Grip Open Cuff

CUSTOM Adult Forearm Crutch CL Ergonomic Soft Grip Open Cuff

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*Limited Edition Custom Made*

Kowsky Adult Forearm Crutch CL Ergonomic Soft Grip Open Cuff

Semi-elliptical cuff which supports the ulna optimally no matter what type of clothing is worn
Soft, totally non-slip grip with perfect ergonomics, extremely comfortable to use and simple to change
Adjustable length via clip
Crutch does not make a single sound when used, as the tubes are held firmly in place by a cap nut
Cuff to grip in Accordance with EN ISO 11334-1                                      9 in
Grip to ground in accordance with EN ISO 11334-1                                30 to 38 in
Diameter of middle tube                                                                                0.79 x 0.06 in
Diameter of lower tube                                                                                   0.67 x 0.06 in
Weight                                                                                                                approx. 1 lb 4 oz/piece
Maximum tested stability under load                                                          308 lbs 10 oz/piece
Materials and Processing
Plastic parts                  Polyamide
Tubes                             Aluminium
Suction cap                   Natural rubber with steel reinforcement
Grip                                TPE

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